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ГОЛОВНА / Investment project

Drafting of capital investment project (work program) – is the latest trend in subsoil use of prolongation, renewal of validity of the special permit, or it reissuance.


SGE “Heolekspertyza” offers services of expertise execution of geological documents of subsoil use objects to ensure the renewal, prolongation of validity of the special permit, or it reissuance.


Also, as necessary, our enterprise makes the capital investment project for you (work program), which is an integral part of the Contract of subsoil use.


The simple key diagram is described below. The more detailed information can be obtained at any time in our company. Please contact us.


Investment project – innovation activity of SGE “Heolekspertyza”


Construct of investment project:





Components of investment project:

  • summary project
  • marketing
  • production plan
  • organizational and financial plan
  • risks




During the investment in subsoil use the main thing for subsoil user is the annual clear profit and his deal with the investments.


During the investment, also, is important the correct calculation of investments that will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs. More than ten years of our enterprise experience will allow your capital investment project to make with maximum effect. The analysis of already existing similar projects that have been designed by SGE “Heolekspertyza” shows that resorting to our enterprise, the subsoil user saves an average of 30% of funds for initial investment.


Consequently, resorting to us for drafting the capital investment project you save your money that investing in subsoil use project.



We provides graphic comparisons to each investment calculation that will allow the investor to clearly understand where will be spent the money.



The investment ratio during the spread of initial capital expenditures will clearly demonstrate to investor the cost structure and their result.