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III Международный научно-практический семинар_en 

З May 16th through May 20th, 2016, ІІІ International research and practice seminar «SVIT GIS – 2016» will take place at resort hotel «Karpaty» in the city of Truskavets 

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From January 2016 the price of expertise of the geological materials has fallen with an aim of prolongation (renewal) of license duration (special authorizations), modification of the program of the works etc.


5–8 October 2015 in the city of Truskavets the second scientific-practical seminar «Mineral resources use in Ukraine. P1010314
 Investments prospects» was held. 

The event was held by the initiative of the state commission of Ukraine of the mineral reserves with support from State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine, got together the government officials, leading enterprises and geological organizations, scientific community and all involved to the issues of the rational mineral resource use.

The main topical directions were cP1010305onsidered in the course of the conducted sessions within the framework of seminar:

• Investment proposal of the exploration and exploitation of mine field of the mineral resources of Ukraine.

• Normative legal framework in the mineral resources use – adaptation to international standards.

• Domestic and international classifications subsoil resources. Geological-economic assessments of the mine field of the mineral resources by the domestic and international standards.

• Energy reserves of the geological environments of Ukraine: energy security prospects and the way to energy independence.

• Medical geology as a new scientific direction.

• The issues of the geological survey and resource exploitation of the underground drinking and mineral waters.

Seminar contents