Державна комісія з експертизи геологічних проектів та кошторисів ДГП "Геолекспертиза"

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ГОЛОВНА / Expert examination of design and estimate documentations

Expert examination of design and estimate documentations is conducted by the next directions:


  • – of the projects for implementation of the regional geological-geophysical survey, researches, exploration, mineral raw materials, geo-ecological, hydrogeological and geological survey works;
  • – monitoring works of the conditions of mineral resources, marine geological – geophysical works, well construction of oil and gas;
  • – scientific researches, design and experimental, thematic works, contract price of the geological tasks, indexes of value appreciation of cost estimated of exploration works and deep hole drilling;
  • – of the development of the bases of the geological organizations, for development of the raw materials, reconstruction and full repair of the objects in the geological field;
  • – of the economic value of mineral resources;
  • – of the technical- economic assessments of the temporary and permanent conditions;
  • – of the technical-economic consideration concerning the economic value;
  • – of the temporary design and estimate standards;
  • – of the normative standards for designing of the estimated price formation;
  • – of the calculations of the economic efficiency;
  • – of the reports of the finished works;
  • – of the indexes of the increase in the cost of the works;
  • – preview consideration and expertise of the design and engineering documentations for the development of deposit of the raw hydrocarbons as well as the solid minerals;
  • – expert work of the request of the government services and departments;
  • – conflictive design and estimate expertise in the field of subsoil use ;
  • – expertise of the objects of historical and cultural background in the field of subsoil use;
  • – expertise of innovative technologies in the field of subsoil use;
  • – expertise of the projects of geological exploration;
  • – the audit of the documents and projects in the field of calculation of the mineral deposits;
  • – the audit and costing of the implementation of the licensing agreements in the field of subsoil use;
  • – the audit of the declared documentations in the field of licensing of subsoil use.