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ГОЛОВНА / As for the assessment of value of geologic information

As for the assessment of value of geologic information:


State Commission for Examination of Geological Projects and estimates, SGE “Heolekspertyza” executes the assessment of value of geological information according to the order and methodic recommendations regulated by The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Order № 1075 of 10 December 2008. «As for confirmation of assessments procedure of geological information received at the expense of budgetary funds».

The value of geological information is determined according to The Procedure, received by the results of jobs of geological exploration of deposits in the territory of Ukraine, its continental shelf and particular (marine) economic area at the expense of budgetary fund.
The object of value determination of geological information is the information which is contained in the geological exploration report and represent geological environmental situation , processes and events which take place in it, morphology of mineral resources, raw materials availability and accompanied components, quality and quantity indexes.

Expert report with estimates of the value of the geological information contains:

  • – Object name;
  • – Customer;
  • – Completeness of geological study;
  • – Mineral resources details and accompanied useful components;
  • – Hydrogeological, engineering-geological, mining and geological conditions;
  • – Explanation concerning the usage of geological information for the organization of the next step of exploration work;
  • – Explanation concerning calculation of the value of geological information