Державна комісія з експертизи геологічних проектів та кошторисів ДГП "Геолекспертиза"

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The enterprise mission is to provide assistance to its clients in cost-effective optimization of geological-prospecting work with the high quality geological study of subsurface resources


About us

Main areas of activity:

– preparation of designed-estimated documentation on drilling of mining holes on oil and gas;

– expert analysis of programmes, research and thematic works;

– evaluation of the estimated costs ;

– expert analysis of temporary regulations and standards, unit cost estimates, regional complex valuations, aggregated complex valuations;

– expert analysis of historical and cultural heritage sites in the field of subsoil use;

– expert analysis of new technology in the field of subsoil use;

– geological and economic research, cost assessment of gelogical information for subsoil users;

– elaboration of designed-estimated documentation and business plans in the geological sector;


About our enterprise:

SGE «Heolekspertyza» is the self-financing and state-owned enterprise carrying out its activities through contractual arrangements.

The history of the enterprise is closely related to resource extraction and development.

In our enterprise are employed personal, whose knowledge and qualification meet the high criteria for cost-effective optimization of geological-prospecting work.

The staff is a group of qualified experts having wide experience within geology, hydrogeology, geophysics etc.

Our company has a large working experience at the area of geological study of subsurface resources.

SGE «Heolekspertyza» provides consulting, analysis and assessment on all geological-prospecting work.

Any investor both from the private and state sectors should be aware of the benefits of investment and project estimation.


Feel free to contact us with service questions, partnership proposals or media inquiries.