Державна комісія з експертизи геологічних проектів та кошторисів ДГП "Геолекспертиза"

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Investment project


For the subsoil users, the special permissions, which are planned for interruption or extinguishment due to non-compliance with the terms of the contract

Expert examination of design and estimate documentations


Examination design and estimate documentation is a major task that takes the company

As for the assessment of value of geologic information


SGE “Heolekspertyza” makes an assessment of the value of the geological information, received at the expense of budgetary funds

Monitoring and scientific maintenance of subsoil use


SGE “Heolekspertyza” accredited to the implementation of the work of the monitoring and scientific support of the subsoil use

Expertise of geological materials


The aim of the geological materials expertise is the determination of the correspondence of the executed works (of extraction, geological exploration or production-research development) to the current statutory requirements, licensing agreement and necessary environmental protection measures

Analytical, information and exploration researches


Our enterprise executes analytical and information-research works of all geological-economical directions